You will be shocked, kids, when you discover how easy it is in life to part ways with people forever.

That’s why, when you find someone you want to keep around, you do something about it.

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So, here we are.

So, here we are.

Sometimes, I think that if I drive for long enough, all of the questions I’ve ever asked will be magically answered.  Questions we ask like why that person was everything we hoped they wouldn’t be, or where we’ll be in a year, or five years.  More often than not though, the answers don’t come. So, here we are.

I’m sitting here in a place that I never thought I’d be two years ago but exactly where…

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The person you think of when you stand in front of the ocean.
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I love those mornings when you wake to darkness and no one is asking anything of you. You’re under no pressure to exist. This is something of which I am in constant need.
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Imagine what you could do, if you really loved something, if you weren’t just phoning it in. You’re so good even when you’re half-assing it. Imagine, what a supernova you could be, if you actually cared about something and believed in it, if you brought the full force of your intelligence and your passion (it’s in there somewhere) and your hard work and focused it on something that MATTERED to you.

Shut out all of those old, negative voices from your past, and listen to your own voice instead. You are not full of shit. You are full of energy and wit and brilliance and raw potential. And you are on your way to a whole new life.

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Watch! so good.

So. Good.

If you’re ever lucky enough to find a girl who is a hopeless romantic with a dirty mind, you should hold onto that. Because she’ll be yours at two in the morning and at two in the afternoon the following day. She’ll kiss you where it hurts and until it hurts. And that’s important. Someone who not only knows how to turn you on but also knows how to treat you right is someone worth a little something… and a little more than usual.
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